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We are happy to help you through our modern and simplified production process to achieve a more flexible product at lower cost.

The Company

Rosengrens Mekaniska Verkstad AB / Rosengren’s Engineering Workshop is a family business in the third generation.

Since the company was founded in 1942, the work has developed from a blacksmith’s workshop with a genuine sense of craftsmanship into a modern engineering company with advanced machinery, highly competent skills and modern management principles.

By developments and investments in knowledge and effective technology, we have become the market leader in Scandinavia with our production of clamping rings. This position has also been reached by unique adaptation to the products of our customers and by the achievement of high quality and reliable delivery.

Our clamping rings can be varied with regard to profile and diameters and various locks can be attached. This provides unique opportunities for construction solutions adapted to the requirements of the customer and allows for simple and practical usage.

Thanks to our far-reaching specialisation and rational production process, we can produce and deliver according to the requirements of the customer at very short notice.


Our production of clamping and tightening rings is carried out by machinery that is both advanced and unique.

All the machines used on our production line are constructed and built by ourselves, here at Rosengren’s, for these special purposes. It is therefore not possible to purchase a “clamping ring machine” on the open market.

New profiles are produced uniquely according to the specific requirements of the customer. In this field we always aim stay at the front line and to be an active partner in collaboration with other small industrial companies that need our services and product solutions.

Further develop our brilliant idea.

Clamping Rings

Our clamping rings have revolutionised the market for sealing, locking and for making connections. We have produced clamping rings for almost 40 years for our customers across the world.

In Scandinavia we have become the market leader in this field by our construction and production of a flexible, simple and secure product that replaces conventional and more complicated screw locks.

Assembly requires no tools. A simple operation by hand will fasten the clamping ring. Because of its form, the radial power will be transferred to a far greater axial power that presses the flanges together.

Electrolux Tvättmaskiner
Dust Control Industridammsugare

We are currently developing our products.
Now we can make them even smaller!

Our customers give the lead in out production

Process and they continuously stimulate our developments.

Since we put our customers and their needs at the centre, we have developed the assortment of our products even further through technological progress and appropriate machinery.

We can now produce clamping rings in smaller and more efficient formats. We have been aware of this needs for some time and we have therefore developed our machinery and our technology gradually so that we are now able to meet a
new segment by providing technical solutions.

We have to skill tom produce clamping rings down to a Diameter of 60 mm.

Please contact us so that we can help you to develop the product, which fits your requirements and demands exactly.

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Johan Rosengrens/Director
Rosengrens Mekaniska Verkstad AB

SE-274 62 Rydsgård, Sweden.

Quality / The Environment

Production- and Product Policy

Rosengren’s Engineering Workshop is a company with advanced machinery and major personal knowledge dedicated to the production of high quality products.
The production takes place in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which means that both the production itself and any changes to the production process are continuously being documented.
Our customers can therefore be assured of always receiving products of an even and high quality.

Environmental Policy

Our concern for the environment constitutes an integral aspect of our daily work. We are continuously investigating new possibilities for alternative and environmentally friendly choices with regard to material, construction, packaging and the general handling of our products. These requirements and goals aim to make sure that our work contributes to a better environment for both people and the natural world at large.

Old traditions are part of our strengths. Johan, who is the Executive Director at Rosengren’s, is the third generation company directors to shoulder the charge from his predecessor and father, Stellan Rosengren. Younger people are taking over and they will develop the company further, and the experience of the older generation provides strength to back them up.

How to Contact us

Welcome to contact us here at Rosengren’s Engineering Workshop.

We are happy to help you through our modern and simplified production process to achieve a more flexible product at lower cost.

e-mail: info@rosengrensmek.se


Rosengrens Mekaniska Verkstad AB
Rosengren’s Engineering Workshop
Villie 44:2
S- 274 62 Rydsgård, Sweden.

Tel: +46 (0) 411-445 00